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The façade of a building is far more than an aesthetic effect – it fulfils a variety of functions, all of equal importance to the performance of the structure as a whole. Lime is the oldest construction mortar known to man used to bind together and coat walling forms made from stone, brick, straw and earth.

Lime is experiencing a renaissance due the modern methods of production that have erased the common perception that it is an archaic process, fraught with risks in handling, unreliable set and low strength.

A traditional aesthetic created with natural minerals

The LIMETICS® insulated render façade system introduces a new dimension for insulated render performance, sustainability of source and building life maintenance costs. By combining the unique properties of 66% recycled cellular glass insulation with natural hydraulic lime render we have created a system that is impervious to water, inert, non-combustible; resistant to flooding and provides an impact resistance similar to a thermal masonry unit. If damage does occur to the render the thermal performance of the system is unaffected and water penetration is not at risk.

LIMETICS® brings the Telling Lime Unilit range of hydraulic mortars together with FOAMGLAS® recycled cellular glass slabs developed by Pittsburgh Corning. Proven in use in the UK climate for in excess of fifteen years the system has been tested at the Taylor Woodrow laboratories to gain a CWCT performance certificate and flood prevention assessment.

The primary function of a façade as being for the protection of the inhabitants from the effects of the climate has radically changed, as today it must also
Create an internal environment that is healthy, air and watertight

Meet ever improving standards of thermal performance

Offer a pleasing architectural aesthetic within its environment

Be from a sustainable and recycled source contribute to targets for carbon neutrality

Be compatible with modern methods of construction comply with current national building codes

Be affordable over the life of the building demonstrate low maintenance costs and a 50-60 year life expectancy

These are the performance benchmarks that inspired the birth of the LIMETICS® system of FOAMGLAS® and Unilit Hydraulic Lime mortars. The system is installed by established contractors selected due to their having retained traditional plastering skills and combined them with cladding.

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