Condensation & Insulation

The open pore structure of lime mortars provides benefits over dense cementitious materials as they do not transmit heat or cold as readily. The flexibility of the mortar ensures that movement caused by thermal gain is significantly reduced. Expansion joints are not required in construction due to the materials natural ability to accommodate movement at every element rather than move as a mass.

The mortar Unilit 20 is a hydraulic lime blended with perlite to provide a natural insulation mortar that will eradicate problems caused by condensation or thermal shock. In improving the insulation value of the building, Unilit 20 regulates the moisture content in the structure which can evolve due to the introduction of heating into older structures. It is particularly suitable for buildings of architectural or historic importance where skill and care in the selection of the techniques for conservation is critical. The product is extremely lightweight (4Kg/cm/m²) making it ideal for application in thicknesses from 15-100mm onto weak substrates.