Lime Plaster

Unilit natural hydraulic lime mortars are suitable for plastering and rendering internally and externally in both restoration and new build. Our range includes:

  • traditional lime sand mixes,
  • bonding layers for unstable substrates,
  • base preparatory coats for thick and thin coat applications,
  • salts containment, stabilisation and waterproofing,
  • lightweight, insulating and thermal block applications
  • natural and pre-coloured finishing coats in a range of textures,
  • fine filler and repair plasters

Unilit allows successful application of lime plaster and render over all mineral substrates, and the range of bonding layers will ensure adhesion to substrates varying from dense concrete to friable masonry. Unilit is noted for its success in traditional lath and plaster applications and can be used with or without hair reinforcement. It is particularly successful where patch repair to old lime plaster is required, and will allow the application of a new finish to both the new and existing plaster. For areas below ground level, up to one metre above ground level and any other excessively damp or salt laden areas we recommend the use of Unilit 30 waterproofing and stabilising mortar which maintains the permeability, prevents water liquid passing through the plaster and ensures damp and salts control.

The majority of our mortars are pre-bagged to ensure the suitability of the mix for the specific substrate.