Lime in New Construction

There is an increasing interest from specifiers in the reintroduction as a construction binder for new construction projects. For stone work, particularly where porous mediums are used, the lime is a perfect material whether working in thick joints or thin.

Any permeation of moisture into the façade is extracted as soon as it comes into contact with the bedding joint. Fine stonework and brick suffer no contamination from the bedding mortar and tolerance of movement allows construction without movement joints.

Base mortars are supplied pre-bagged, in hydrate form or in a pre-blend manufactured in the UK with limestone sand of an appropriate grade. The earth ochre mortars are pre-mixed to produce coloured finishes that weather and perform similar to natural stone. The assured bond of lime to lime enables thickness to be built up without risk of delamination between the layers. Feature rendering in ashlar, cornices and raised bands is particularly suited to Unilit. The low salt content and control of free lime in the mortars ensures the façade is resistant to limebloom.

Masons and bricklayers view the hydraulic lime favourably due to excellent workability achieved without the addition of synthetic plasticisers, together with its ease of application and mixing.