Lime Stabilisation & Consolidation

Consolidation of existing structures is increasingly called for in preserving tunnels, canals and bridges. Several European testing authorities have been undertaking studies to increase awareness in this diverse field.

Using consolidation to stabilise or rejuvenate weakened structures must take account of the physical and mechanical properties of the original construction. Ease of application and compatible materials of comparable formulation can be found within the Unilit range of grouts and mortars. Injection grouts enable the equilibrium of the physical properties to be retained without detrimental effect upon the structural components.

The success of injection lies in the ability to stabilise the mass without risk of causing structural stress or cracking which can occur by using mediums that are stronger than the elements they are bonding. The vapour permeability, mechanical resistance and excellent penetration by the liquid and low salts content of Unilit Lime Mortars make our range particularly suitable.

Grades from 0 up to 4mm are supplied in pre-bagged grouts and pointing mortars. UK blended lime with limestone aggregate and in hydrate form are also available. Pressure pointing and grouting has been tested and been most successful with gravity flow also an option.