Technological development

Telling Architectural’s goal of creating state-of-the-art GRC solutions for architecture, has progressed one step further.

Renowned for embracing new technology, Telling has invested in an advanced, digital 3D modelling system, which allows it to speed up the design and engineering of its GRC (glass-reinforced concrete) panels.

The new 3D software allows the experienced, creative team at its’ Midland based production plant, to send innovative designs to production managers for improved clarity and accuracy in mould making.

It’s the latest technological development by Telling, as it continues to evolve as a sector leader, to ensure that the service it offers not only remain at the front, but is as efficient as it can possibly can be.

It is a progression already proving to be a perceptive decision, given the positive feedback being received from clients and key stakeholders.

The new, Solidworks’ software includes an Eviewer facility that enables Telling’s computer-aided designs (CAD) to be sent via an email link (EASM file), in either a 2D or a 3D eDrawing format.

Telling’s team has described this feature as an “invaluable, visualisation tool”, enabling it to secure design approval digitally when a face-to-face meeting isn’t conducive to a project’s short turnaround timeframe.

Project managers have also welcomed the development as they are now able to share designs with all their team members and get feedback much quicker, rather than struggling to find mutually convenient times to schedule meetings.

A Telling spokesman said: “Our investment in this modelling, computer-aided design, and computer-aided engineering computer program, means that we can now provide an accurate representation of 2D and 3D drawings.

“We now utilise the 3D models to analyse and design our components with FEA (finite element analysis). This was previously done via manual entry in 2D packages, but we can now link directly to our engineering output.

“This software has massively enhanced our design quality and ability – we are able to design, visualise and engineer much more complex forms, which we simply would not have been able to do without this software.

“It also makes the sharing of the product design information easier and faster.”
He added: “Solidworks is compatible with the 3D engineering software in use enabling us to get to the production stage much earlier, so we are delighted to be able to introduce this service to our clients.”