General Plastering

The quality of the sand that is crushed from the waste material is controlled so as to produce an optimum grading to perform with the cement polymer.

Using British Quality Standard BS 5262:1991 and a European chemical manufacturers licensed formulation, a plastering mortar that is pre-bagged for consistency is supplied to construction companies.Available in either white or grey, the local masons have more time by the workability of the product to produce a finish of quality which does not crack requires very limited preparation to prepare for paint. Upon training the operatives are able to achieve greater productivity with resultant savings in labour and painting.

Many Caribbean Islands have poor quality reactive sands and are currently banning the use of beach sands due to the effects on the marine environment. The productivity improvements to be gained from the use of pre-bagged mortars from Barbados are such that the additional expense of shipping this Caribbean origin product of European quality are being embraced more frequently. Contracts in Canouan, Grenada, St Vincent and Antigua currently account for more than fifty percent of the total production from the Chapel Quarry.