Coral Render

For many years the local masons have developed a form or style of rendering that replicates Coral Stone. However, the porosity of the sand and the fast reactive white cement combined to make the process difficult to control when being batched on site.

Utilising acrylic polymer technology from Europe, Coral Renders are now produced to ensure quality and consistency of mix strength with waterproofers, plasticisers for strength and workability, bonding agents and water retention agents are introduced to improve the process.

It is acknowledged that Coral Render is a simulation but it does offer a wide range of options for the designer in the creation of feature corbels, cornices and variable textured effect renders that do not require painting. The purity of the sand and the polymer enhancement ensure a true likeness in colour. Cracking, dusting and extreme porosity have all been eliminated with the result that many of the prestigious projects in Barbados, and progressively in the islands, are specifying the product.

On large commercial projects the control on quality and competitiveness of the product are real benefits as they promote speed of installation and labour savings.