Coral Stone

There are many aspects of Barbados life and traditions that attract the discerning property developer not least of which is the style of construction which results from the island being geologically formed largely in Coral Stone.

Inland quarries were established many hundreds of years ago and the heritage architecture of Barbados is extensively built from this natural material. Today only one such quarry remains.

GB Coral Block operate from the Chapel Quarry from which the natural stone was hand hewn dating back 100 years. This is particularly pure stone free from deposits of clay and utilising modern day techniques for extraction. This quality process enables the production of structural blocks or facings to suit the construction design proposals.

The Process

Coral is a limestone that has for thousands of years been formed in marine regions. The stone is almost pure white on extraction and is lightweight and porous. These factors have contributed to the knowledge that construction in Coral Stone is cool by comparision to concrete as the open pore structure with voids of air acts as a heat shield whose mass is much less than dense construction materials. Coral Stone is slower to heat, retains less heat and cools quicker with the evening temperatures than concrete blocks.

The Performance

Due to the porosity of the Coral Stone, the ageing process is relatively quick and the structure will blend in with local architecture in the first few years after construction. Externally this process can be delayed by the use of micro porous sealers or cleaning can be periodically undertaken if high levels of organic growth are present in the environment of the building.

Internally for feature entrances, halls, dining rooms etc., Coral Facings offer distinction and unsurpassable quality to the home designer. The contrast of the natural stone with timber, floors and furniture is exquisite. Features cornices, pediments, sconces etc., can all be formed or carved from Coral.

There is no equal to the beauty and tradition of building a home of Coral Stone in Barbados. The style created is much sought after and Coral Stone is now being exported to other Caribbean Islands whom due to their volcanic geological structure do not possess the natural resource to emulate this construction style.