The ArGeTon Baguettes Sunscreen

The terracotta BARRO system from ArGeTon®can be used for solar protection, as an effective ventilating security screen or as a decorative architectural element. The baguette combine an exclusive elegance within a functional element of the facade. Barro plates are available in a range of profiles and colours up to a maximum length of 1800mm, depth of 80mm and width of 450mm. They are mounted on continuous aluminium tubes spanning between vertical supports which are in turn fixed to the slabs or mullion blades in the curtain wall. Sections can be square, round, rectangular or elliptical.

Colour Options

Created with the same precision and quality as the ArGeTon Terracotta Rainscreen, the Barro is a versatile accessory that will compliment many schemes. Available in the full ArGeTon® colour pallet, the Barro naturally combines with the modular tile system in both attachment method and design aesthetic.