Airtec Stone Cladding

Lithodecor Airtec Stone Cladding

Lithodecor are a subsidiary of the DAW Group of companies.

Lithodecor are a subsidiary of the DAW Group of companies. Airtec systems retain the unique aesthetic of natural stone, adopting state of the art technology to address its major disadvantage – its weight. Based on the proven principle of a ventilated cavity rainscreen the process may also be used as a component with traditional facades in prefabricated sections for columns, soffit returns etc. using stone from the same source.

Lithodecor and Telling Architectural have entered in to a collaborative agreement to develop and distribute unique ventilated glass rainscreens and stone cladding via an expanding portfolio of clients who seek innovative façade technologies.

Appearance and Attachment

Manufactured under a patented process for the bonding of stone veneers to a lightweight aerated clay concrete, Airtec systems have created a versatile cladding panel of exceptional strength that is remarkably lightweight. The most compelling advantage of Airtec lies in the selection of a proven concept offering individual and economic solutions for a variety of building styles.

Alongside timber, stone is the oldest construction material in the world. For thousands of years we have appreciated its durability, substance, monolithic elegance and wealth of shape colour and texture. The Lithodecor manufacturing plant has worked with in excess of 2500 natural stones from around the world.

Airtec stone has been tested to exceed CWCT standards at the Taylor Woodrow laboratories at Leighton Buzzard, a UKAS approved testing body.

The panels may be fixed by mechanical anchorage to an aluminium substructure or structurally bonded and are suitable for use within curtain walling or as a rainscreen on traditional structures as well as lightweight steel and timber framed buildings. Airtec stone is ideal for prefabrication off site in modern methods of construction. Airtec stone systems can be directly bonded to wall structures in ground floor applications as well as to insulation panels with feature profiles in the Lithodecor Alprotect™ and Cerastone™ ranges. In refurbishment these provides slim sections of wall to mitigate encroachment.

DiBT assessment has been undertaken for Airtec stone systems (the equivalent in Germany of the BBA).


Airtec stone panels are up to 30mm in thickness system and weigh no more than 50kg/m2. The size of the panels are flexible and vary according to the technical properties and availability of the selected natural stone. The maximum available panel dimensions are up to 3200 x 1400 mm to optimise the aesthetic of the facade with composite mitred corners sections that enhance its monolithic impact.

Up to 200% lighter than its solid stone comparison it enables creativity in design as a façade or as a complimentary component.

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