Lucem Translucent Concrete

Lucem Translucent Concrete


Telling Architectural have a collaborative agreement with LUCEM Lichtbeton for the development and distribution of their light emitting, translucent concrete technologies. The LUCEM manufacturing facility is located in Stolberg, Germany, and specialises in the fabrication of light transmitting concrete panels that can be applied in various fields in architecture and interior design.

Translucent concrete can be adopted by designers and façade engineers in a sustainable form of outstanding and inimitable aesthetics.

Brise Soleil Light Emitting Concrete

The innovative LUCEM technology which Andreas Roye and Marijan Barlé have developed was established in April 2007 as Robatex (Roye Barlé Textiles), the fabrication of light transmitting concrete was developed systematically and a production line was built up.

Since 2007, all developed products have been distributed worldwide under the LUCEM trademark to develop superb quality high-performance concrete and translucent fibres that are durable and hardwearing and non-combustible as well as resistant to weather, UV-light and impact.

Lucem panels can be used internally and externally, in new build and in refurbishment.

Appearance and Attachment

Polished, sheen or matt surface LUCEM panels can be designed individually with the addition of colour pigments or differing arrangements of fibres.

The translucent aesthetic combine with the density of form to create a compelling visual aesthetic.

The mounting of LUCEM concrete panels is similar to that for natural stone with installation possible by face fixing, undercut anchor or dowel. The fixing method and the light source will determine the fastening method.


Compressive strength: > 70 N/mm2
Density: ca. 2400 kg/m3
Flexural strength: > 5 N/mm2
Building material class: A1/A2, not flammable
UV-stability: durable acc. to ETAG 005 TR 010 severe installation.


Lucem panels are manufactured in standard size of 1200 x 600mm and can be supplied untrimmed or with machined edges in thicknesses of 15 and 30mm. The panels can be supplied untrimmed as the cutting of panels in any shape can be achieved with a wet cut diamond tipped blade or water jet.

The density of the concrete and the flexibility of the optical fibres enable the creation of bespoke shapes with ease.

Illumination systems

Diffuse natural light and sun light provide the full spectrum of colours shining through the LUCEM panels. Depending on the application, artificial light sources can be used for single colours or even special effects creating fascinatingly exclusive potential for floors, walls, ceilings and independently mounted surfaces.

For an evenly distributed illumination of LUCEM concrete panels, a specially developed lighting source can be provided. This LUCEM Light panel consists of an ultra-flat acrylic panel with two-sided light feeding. This highly efficient and energy saving LED light source is available in white or coloured light, with or without colour alternating modes. The entire installation light zone is 10mm in thickness.

Telling Architectural assists in selecting the best mounting and lighting system to suit the individual project and provides advice upon its application and diversity in use. A comprehensive support service through planning, processing, manufacturing is available and in selected cases we can provide installation services.