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Telling Architectural has developed Brickspan® as an innovative and cost effective mineral slip rainscreen system and Corium in collaboration with Taylor Maxwell

Alongside its modern manufacturing facility for GRC Telling Architectural continues to develop a range of innovative and cost effective processes that will be offer cost and technical advantages to construction clients and specifiers.

We are proud to announce the launch of an exciting development in the field of brick facades that will have a competitive and aesthetic advantage over existing products of its kind.

The unique, handmade, polymeric mineral brick facade patented under the Brickspan® trade mark uses 95% natural mineral bound in water-based polymer, to closely imitate real brick in texture, colour and form. It is suitable for new construction and refurbishment with its low weight, ease of application and authenticity .

The launch of this innovative and unique Brickspan® system follows accelerated weather testing to ETAG 004:2013 fixed with external wall insulation and cement backing boards with adhesives.

The primary markets are seen to be

  • Portable and relocatable buildings where the ability to finish the building to match the surrounding environment with these handcrafted slips will reduce the temporary ‘quick fix’ appearance where their use will be continuous for several years. This to the meet the rapid demand for additional space by local and health authorities, infrastructure and other major projects
  • Refurbishment and insulation upgrading of existing brick building in preference to thin insulated render applications. The lower labour and material costs and improved timescales for the turnaround of projects will be significant in comparison with alternative methods.
  • Offsite modular construction where the excellent flexibility and versatility of the system will promote ultra lightweight alternatives for building requiring matching bricks in urban areas.
  • New construction applied as a cost effective finish to external wall insulation, GRC, timber or cement particle board lining or as a rainscreen with a ventilating cavity.
  • Interior Design – as a distinctive brick finish to lightweight gypsum walling in shopping centres, restaurants of commercial buildings.
  • House builders seeking measures for affordable, carbon friendly and volumetric construction, whether traditional, steel or timber frame can become perhaps the biggest user of this evolutionary and simple process.

The mineral slips are mounted on a mesh and bonded to the substrate with an approved adhesive. Brickspan® mortar is used to point the finished wall.

Telling Architectural state:

“The environmental profile of Brickspan® – 95 per cent of a natural mineral bound with a water-based polymer – when compared to cut faces of bricks to create slips is hugely advantageous to both new construction and refurbishment projects.

“It is not only lightweight – at less than 5kg/m2 – but is also non-combustible and does not burn or give of noxious gases.”

“In summary no extruded brick can match the authenticity of the unique and innovative Brickspan aesthetic.”


Manufactured under the Telling ISO9001 QA system, Brickspan® is available in 10 standard bricks (supplied in metric or imperial brick sizes for stagger, stack or Flemish bond), complimented by four coloured pointing mortars.

The brick styles included are: Birnbeck, Brettingham Red, Hawksmoor Buff, Overston Buff, Stretton Red, Leverton Stock, Kemble London Stock, Cobham Red Clay, Ladwell Red and Claygate Grey.

The mortars come in: Charcoal, Buff, Red Ash and Natural.

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The adoption of modern methods alongside proven and accepted technologies enable us to meet the challenge for both innovation and the ever-increasing performance criteria demanded by UK building regulations. Pre-insulated off-site manufactured units of cold rolled steel with brick cladding applied presents an exciting proposition in the evolution of cladding systems.

The systems address all the vital elements of product specification in so much that its versatility, weight, robustness, non-combustibility, speed of build, thermal efficiency and aesthetic perfection are second to none.

CORIUM© is suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects and has an assessed design of life in excess of sixty years. All this combined with outstanding value when compared to competing systems.
Available in a variety of attractive natural colours and almost limitless glazes, the systems can be laid traditionally or stack bonded. To further enhance authenticity and complete the effect, there is a wide range of profiles on offer to complement to the authentic appeal of the brick cladding systems.

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