Corium Brick Cladding Facade

Brick Cladding

Brick Cladding and Brick Faced Facades for Architecture

Telling Architectural has developed Norskreen® brick faced GRC as an innovative, lightweight, A1 fire rated cladding and cost effective brick cladding system

In its modern manufacturing facility for GRC Telling Architectural continues to develop a range of innovative and cost effective processes that will be offer cost and technical advantages to construction clients and specifiers.

GRC represents an exciting development in the field of lightweight facades that has a competitive and aesthetic advantage over existing ‘slip’ site applied applications. They are suitable for use in offsite manufacturing technology and will contribute hugely towards the government target for net zero carbon by 2050.

Norskreen® can accommodate any style of brick, often using two faces from one brick, to reduce the load on the structure to 110 kgs/m2. This represents 35% of the weight of traditional brickwork and 25% of the weight of brick faced precast. This reduction in weight will generate savings in the structure and in the ground and ease the difficulty that fire rated insulants cause in relation to the cladding zone.

Our brick cladding system holds an A1 fire classification and provides unique quality of mechanical attachment and moisture extraction. Reliant upon the performance of grade 18P glass fibre reinforced concrete the systems holds test certification to CWCT standards as well as accelerated weather testing in accordance with BS8297:2017

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Telling represents Wienerberger in North America for the Corium system

The adoption of modern methods alongside proven and accepted technologies enable us to meet the challenge for both innovation and the ever-increasing performance criteria demanded by building regulations internationally. Pre-insulated off-site manufactured units of cold rolled steel with brick cladding applied presents an exciting proposition in the evolution of cladding systems.

The Corium brick cladding system addresses all the vital elements of product specification in so much that its versatility, weight, robustness, non-combustibility, speed of build, thermal efficiency and aesthetic perfection are second to none.

is suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects and has an assessed design of life in excess of sixty years. All this combined with outstanding value when compared to competing systems.

Available in a variety of attractive natural colours and almost limitless glazes, the Corium systems can be laid traditionally or stack bonded. To further enhance authenticity and complete the effect, there is a wide range of profiles on offer to complement to the authentic appeal of the brick cladding systems.

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