ArGeTon® can be selected for use in all recognised construction forms.

Our versatile and unique support systems enhance the flexibilty available to the fabricator to compliment their specific panel designs and meet all performance criteria. Speed of erection, construction without scaffolding, reduced weather delays and early enclosure are the primary attributes of panelised ArGeTon®. The support systems are interchangeable to suit specific design requirements for panel or unitised curtain wall installations and our in-house design team are available to provide assistance.Whilst the demand for offsite manufacturing to be maximised is expanding in Europe it is wholly established in the USA by companies who have geared their operations to providing these skills. Spacious and mechanised facilities with overhead cranes, metalworking and fabrication are combined with excellent finishing skills. An in depth awareness of the design technology for sealed and rainscreen applications is required to meet the varying building codes nationally and Telling Architectural are forging partnerships with contractors offering these techniques. Where Argeton is to be transported as a unitised curtain wall or with glazing incorporated in the panels, special skids are commonly prepared to road transport.

Off-site panelised walls will span continuously from floor to floor outside the line of the structural frame. Connections to the frame are bespoke to the specialist contractor and will combine brackets, angles and welded connections with provision made for structural deflections within weather sealed joints.

The Atlantic Terminal project in Brooklyn, New York had a combination of unitised curtain wall, off site panelised and in situ installation of the Argeton terracotta.

Crawley Schools PFI in the UK used pre-glazed prefabricated steel panels and insitu installed terracotta. On buildings up to three floors that do not suffer from access difficulties the best cost option can be a combination of panelised walling and insitu fixed terracotta using mobile scissor lifts or mast climbers.