Barro Supreme Range

A new collaboration between Argeton and Koninklijke Tichelaar

BSC stands for “Barro Supreme Collection”. The collection combines Argeton’s facade-enhancing cladding with the outstanding glazes from Koninklijke Tichelaar in the Netherlands. The glazes were specially developed for our “Barro Supreme Collection” and give facades a high-quality and unique appearance. The glazes are now available in addition to our standard colour range.
As an architectural design element, our Barro sunscreen offer impressive contemporary aesthetics and durability: the ceramic facade elements can be manufactured individually in square, rectangular, elliptical, or other shapes.
Aesthetically, “Barro Supreme Collection” takes facade design to a new level by combining the advantages of the Barro clay baguettes from Argeton with the exclusive glazes by Koninklijke Tichelaar. Let your ideas shine!

High-quality terracotta sunscreens combined with outstanding glazes make every façade unique and superb in appearance. These specially developed glazes are eye-catching due to their rich colour shades and exceptional textural effects. By using natural clay, pigments and a variety of combinations of minerals in our artisanal and sustainable manufacturing processes, we generate the best results for you. This is the motivation for the cooperation between Argeton GmbH and Koninklijke Tichelaar. The Barros Supreme Collection to excite and inspire you!

All terracotta sunscreens are coloured by hand and have a naturally nuanced image of gloss intensity, colour and metallic effect in the elements themselves as well as in the elements in relation to each other. Colours from the Barro Supreme Collection can be produced on other terracotta sunscreens or even panels.

Download Barro Supreme Collection below.