Cumella Ceramics

Cumella are a manufacturer of terracotta with focus in unique architecture. They are regarded by architects worldwide as one of the most specialist and most knowledgeable manufacturers of clay products in the market today.

Their over 100 years of tradition and expertise have seen them working alongside top architects such as Renzo Piano or Enric Miralles and their product can be seen in projects with international recognition such as the Spanish Pavilion in Aichi or the roof of St.

Catharine’s Market in Barcelona, projects that are considered referents in contemporary architecture. Cumella’s production facilities combine the latest technology for the manufacture of terracotta as an architectural material with a flawless artisanal dedication and they are able to produce bespoke terracotta modules of up to 500x300x1700mm through extruding, casting, pressing or revolving.

Their flexibility when it comes to shapes and their excitement when it comes to being involved in the delivery of unique architecture is not the only aspect that makes Cumella stand out from another serial production clay products manufacturers; another of Cumella’s fortes is their in house laboratory for the creation of bespoke colours such as pearlescent effects, metallics or print screens.

Together with Telling Architectural, Cumella are bringing to the UK and North American markets a cladding product specialised for the use in rainscreen facades and which has proved to have excellent CWCT test results for impact.

Telling Architectural’s thirst for bringing the latest technology to the façade market has seen us developing a system that casts stunning vivid terracotta onto 3D large format GRC panels as it is the case in the Brighton Music Pavillion.

Click here to view Cumella Vertical Impact Test Results